Going Beyond Knowledge

We are in the world of Infinity even now – the world of infinite knowledge and fulfillment. Through the process of our spiritual development by the method of Kabbalah, we gradually grow our perception of infinity and its completeness – deeper and deeper with every step of the way.

Mother Nature is Taking Humanity Back Home

The world realizes that it is in a global crisis and is looking for answers, but no problem can be solved form the same level of consciousness that created it. It is useless to look for new things at the old level.

Health – Balance of Connections with Others

Health is balance. Disease is the absence of the right connection between cells, between parts, between plus and minus, where all of the materials in the body are not in balance.

30 seconds on the Wisdom of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a science about our relationships
Mysticism, spells, charms, red strings, holy water are not part of the Wisdom of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a wisdom of how to succeed in relationships, family, career, health, economy and society.

Kabbalah Fundamentals Spring 2017

This fundamentals course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the main principles of Authentic Kabbalah, and most importantly, how to apply them in your life.


Naturally, every book influences people even if it’s a health-food book. Kabbalah books are written in a way that doesn’t speak to our physical mind, which is why we’re unable to understand them. Join us on a wonderful adventure to learn about books that talk to our internal spiritual mind.

Environment Unplugged

An emotional connection that brings a sense of unity and love with friends where each of us is the greatest in the world.

Children of Tomorrow: Guidelines For Raising Happy Children

Raising kids is all about games and play, relating to them as small grownups, making all major decisions together as well as teaching positive things like friendship and caring for others automatically spills into other areas of our life.

A Cure For Boredom is a Solution To Creativity

One of the biggest problems of our society is that a person is bored today. Find a solution to keep oneself and one’s colleagues happy and engaged.

20 Ideas: Reality is a photograph of you

The world reflects your attitude toward it. Your reality is a photograph composed of your internal qualities and emotions so to change your world all you need do is change your composition.