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An emotional connection that brings a sense of unity and love with friends where each of us is the greatest in the world.

Empowerment of Knowing

Patrice reveals through her vivacious personal story how she discovered Kabbalah and how it has influenced her perception of life. In her search for answers to life’s questions, New York musician Patrice tells of her discovery and study of… Read More

Self-Interest vs Altruism in the Global Era: How Society Can Turn Self-Iintersts Into Mutual Benefit

Self-Interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era presents a new perspective on the challenges currently facing the world. Dr. Laitman shows the reader that the problems of the world are the consequence of humanity’s growing egotism. In that… Read More

The Psychology of the Integral Society

The Psychology of the Integral Society presents a revolutionary approach to education. In an interconnected and interdependent world, teaching children to compete with their peers is as “wise” as teaching one’s left hand to outsmart its peer, the… Read More

Connected – by Nature’s Law

Connected—by Nature’s Law is an innovative book on social awareness. Presenting a comprehensive picture of reality and the process that humanity is undergoing, the book offers tools for using the major personal and social shifts we’re going through… Read More

Children of Tomorrow: Guidelines For Raising Happy Children

Raising kids is all about games and play, relating to them as small grownups, making all major decisions together as well as teaching positive things like friendship and caring for others automatically spills into other areas of our life.

Women, Relationships and Kabbalah

Find answers to questions about love, family, the nature and role of a woman and her inner work.

A Cure For Boredom is a Solution To Creativity

One of the biggest problems of our society is that a person is bored today. Find a solution to keep oneself and one’s colleagues happy and engaged.

20 Ideas: Reality is a photograph of you

The world reflects your attitude toward it. Your reality is a photograph composed of your internal qualities and emotions so to change your world all you need do is change your composition.

Kabbalah Speaks About Connection

Kabbalah teaches how to build a balanced and happy world which is determined by the system of connections among us. It speaks to people who are born with sensitivity and ability to improve this system for themselves and others.