One of the biggest problems of our society is that a person is bored today. He doesn’t get engaged at work. Everything in life seems to have no meaning. This is a problem for majority of people, especially office employees, all the way up to the managers. People are losing the desire to create, produce, and do something. They often cannot force themselves to work.
It’s good that the Internet is here today as it keeps people busy at least to some extent. Ever-growing boredom is a consequence of the evolution of our desires, which has grown to its maximum and can no longer be fulfilled/satisfied.
We see the trend starting back in the sixties with the generation of “flower children,” “Beatles,” the hippies. Meditation, drugs and so on were the first signs of boredom and dissatisfaction.
So what is the solution? The tactic is very simple. First, we must understand the influence of the society on a person; how much it excites, captivates, and rules over him; how much his personality gets inspired by the opportunities, desires, and goals of the environment.

If a person gets correctly integrated into a society, his small desires(which are reflected by boredom and lack of interest) now become much bigger simply because he in a group, which stimulates him and constantly shakes him up.
Finally, he absorbs desires of everyone else and, most importantly, he gets awakened by an internal push which takes him out of the state of indifference.
All work groups can adopt this approach. They need to get together… in order to be mutually stimulated by each other. And then they will have an additional desire, the urge for growth, and they will begin to live and work effectively.
A stronger desire creates an environment for the person’s further development. This is not simply a heightened attention, but the possibility to rise above others or to lower oneself before them in order to absorb information from the surrounding people and most importantly, to feel the commonality through which we would be looking at the world and solving all of the problems correctly.
It is a higher desire, higher thought and mind, which does not relate to me or others. It is something, which we have created now by our own effort and incentive. And this common thing, which was born between us, is our next level, which is more developed. Looking through this level, approaching the world through it, each one of us brings himself to the correct solution.

Image Credits: Jef Safi