The world is evolving with an incredible speed today. On one side, it is a world of seemingly limitless and fast paced opportunities, but on the other side – the world of instability and constantly changing demands for new professions and skillsets. Unlike with previous generations, it is extremely difficult to find a solid ground that would guarantee stable future for our children.

What are the professions that Kabbalah believes will be in the most demand for our children and grandchildren?


In the world of Internet of Things, eventually many aspects of businesses and our lives will get automated. Many professions will be replaced by machines and completely cease to exist.

In the future, people who are capable of creating positive relationships of understanding, respect, kindness and belonging among others(at work, communities and families) will be in huge demand and will be extremely valued by society. Not virtual relationships, but a real system of communication among people similar to the one existing in nature.

Only these profession will really be needed and other occupations will remain only to the extent of meeting immediate human necessities. Those who work in the field of establishing correct relationships, creating the methodology of interconnection among people, and preparing educators in this field will be the most popular and respected in future society.

How about specific, individual talents in painting, dancing, or singing be helpful to society?

The talents through which one plans to advance and become popular have to allow for self-expression in an enjoyable and connecting way.

For that, one has to study psychology, sociology, philosophy, and laws of communication. By expressing him or herself, they will have to help others connect. By doing so, they will fulfill themselves and fulfill others.

Many children and teenagers dream of becoming famous. Their appearance is extremely important to them. Can the aspiration for popularity be useful in any way?

The inclination to reach celebrity status is very common for kids nowadays and we can show them which properties are necessary to achieve fame. The desire to be famous obligates them to work on themselves, change for the better, and reveal new qualities within themselves.