Health is balance. Disease is the absence of the right connection between cells, between parts, between plus and minus, where all of the materials in the body are not in balance.

There is a direct connection between the emotional state of the person and his health, but there are several parameters that depend upon the general state of humanity. If I were not connected with anyone, if I were to depend only upon myself and not the whole world from which I get all kinds of viruses, including emotional viruses,I would depend only on what is happening in my desires. According to my level of sensitivity to these desires, I could measure the states of my health. By directing my desires to connect with nature, I would be completely healthy and happy.
But the reality is that a person depends upon everyone.
By being a part of kabbalistic group – people who work among themselves on developing qualities of connection, love and bestowal – a person will be able to heal be it a stomach ulcer or any other malady.
By studying together with other students in a circle you will learn to connect. Together, you will pull each other to a level where all of you are included in the center of the group with a force of the true connection and love that heals and grows. But you must nullify all of your calculations and accept the group as a part of you. You must want to grow up together with it, to be included in it above all calculations. Then you will feel that your stomach ulcer will pass.