Kab Nights


“I was born with internal properties which I have not chosen. Then, the environment, my family and the education I received operated on me from the outside and built me in a certain way. And thus I live, as a result of these two conditions, which I have not defined. All of a sudden a question awakens in me: “Why am I alive? What for? ” I didn’t choose this question either, it simply awakened from within me. This is the beginning of the awakening of the “point in the heart” and it pulls me to a higher world. Here, the possibility of choice begins.”
-Dr. Michael Laitman

Dr. Michael Laitman Kabbalah College invites you to taste the wisdom of Authentic Kabbalah. Kabbalah San Francisco presents a new series of events “Kabbalah – The Path to Spiritual Development” taught by professional Kabbalah Education Instructors, conducted in an intimate manner, with room for questions and answers and connection through workshops.

Upcoming events in a series:

The Path to Spiritual Development

Kabbalists explain to us that man reaches a certain state in his life in which a new desire awakens in him, a special desire called “the point in the heart”. This is a pivoting point in a person’s life when one starts looking for answers beyond the common boundaries of the world.
Explore the nature of “the point in the heart” and the topic of freedom of choice in the first event of Kab Nights meetup series.


Love, The Path to Happiness

Countless songs and poems have been written about love, but who knows what true love is? Looking back on the happiest moments in our lives, we find they were the ones in which we loved. In this Kab Night we explore authentic Kabbalah’s inner keys to true and lasting love, in a casual setting over coffee and cookies.


True Love and the Love of Fish

We all want to be loved, feel secure, wanted, and experience peace, tranquility and security. We want to love and give from the bottom of our heart to our partner our kids and our parents, but we don’t necessarily know how to do so. What is true love?
Explore what Kabbalist sages wrote about love hundreds years ago and what does it means for us nowadays.


Kabbalah And The Reincarnation Of Souls

One of the greatest Kabbalists of our generation, Rav Baruch Shalom Ashlag (Rabash) told of how a Kabbalist feels who attains the spiritual world. He compared the passage from one lifetime to another lifetime, to the feeling of a person who exchanges an old shirt for a new one. Someone who has already attained spirituality, feels his connection with the Higher and Eternal Power as the most important thing, explained Rabash. The main existence that the Kabbalist experiences is the feeling of reality as whole and eternal. He feels his material life in the physical body as a shirt that he must wear. With death he takes off the old shirt and exchanges it for a new shirt, meaning in the next lifetime.


Kabbalah Books A Magical Adventure

The Kabbalists are people who succeeded to penetrate “behind the scenes of our world” and discover the forces operating it. They understood the reasons for everything that happens in our lives, they discovered what destiny is awaiting us, experienced the most wonderful feelings one could feel. This amazing discovery and their journey they described in their books, was written so that we can experience those feelings and emotions. In the books they wrote for us, they described the “writer” who writes the book of our own lives. They saw where it leads us, for what purpose, and through which we open our doors to get into the story and affect our life’s plot.


Kabbalah And The Secret To Happiness

Each of us likes to enjoy all kinds of things: winning the lottery, having sex, eating
special foods, seeing an interesting movie, listening to music, buying a nice car, and so on. All these things lose their value, so the feeling of happiness can be only momentary: In a number of minutes, days or months at most, it vanishes. There must be a sense of eternal happiness, fulfilling all my desires, all the voids in me. Meaning, it’s full of power and eternal in time, and also gives me confidence that it will never end, and no one can harm me. It should feel as though I’m high in the clouds.


The Kabbalistic Meaning Of Spirituality

Many in the world wonder, “What is spirituality?” Some feel that spirituality is something lofty found beyond what we experience in our ordinary life. Some think that there is no such thing, others think that spirituality is linked to religion, and there are those for whom spirituality is linked to higher song and literature. So what is spirituality?


The Secret to Real Freedom

In most cases, our desire for freedom is expressed in the search for a retreat, an escape from the routine and daily preoccupations. We want to break free from the burdens, the pressure, from the boss at work, the overdraft in the bank, to escape the political situation, the tension, the economic situation, in short, to take a little break from life, away from this. but if we stop for a minute and think about it, reflect on the situation, the question will arise: what is it really that we try so hard to break away, to disconnect from?


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