Kabbalah Fundamentals

Kabbalah Fundamentals

10 Lessons That Will Transform Your Life In 10 Weeks

  • Lesson 1 – The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah
  • Lesson 2 – The Spiritual Perception of Reality
  • Lesson 3 – The Importance of Kabbalah Books with an Emphasis on the Reforming Light
  • Lesson 4 – From the Love of Others to the Love of the Creator
  • Lesson 5 – The Environment and Free Will
  • Lesson 6 – General Rehearsal and the Kabbalistic Meal
  • Lesson 7 – The Soul of Adam and the Shattering of the Soul
  • Lesson 8 – There is None else Besides Him
  • Lesson 9 – The Role of Israel
  • Lesson 10 – Summation and Spiritual Meal

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  • A firm basis in authentic Kabbalah methodology
  • A deep understanding of nature, the world & who you really are
  • Practical tools for developing a new perspective on the world around you
  • An awareness of the source of problems in our personal lives and in society


Three Kabbalistic Principles In Relation to The Course:
  1. You advance at your own pace.
  2. Your own desire will guide you toward the answers you seek.
  3. This study is open to everyone…




  • 10 weeks of interactive fundamentals classes
  • Continuing Education opportunities (Intermediate = 10 weeks, on-going Graduate Program lessons)
  • Free PDF versions of all course materials
  • *Free copy of the eBook The Secrets of the Eternal Book, which describes the inner, spiritual meaning behind well-known Bible stories such as Noah’s Ark and the flood, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, the Tower of Babel, Abraham, Terah and Nimrod, the 7 days of Creation (Genesis), and more






alfredo_salazarAlfredo Salazar

A few years ago I had serious alcohol problems, and problems with my wife, kids, parents, my entire family, until one day I was alone and then started thinking and questioning what’s happening in my life, why are there all these problems? So I started looking for answers. I went to the public library like a hungry person looking for food and water, reading books about everything, including yoga, religion, meditation, astrology, numerology, and many others. But I didn’t find answers, so I looked on the Internet and found Bnei Baruch Kabbalah. Now I feel better. My life changed to a new vision of this world, I can solve problems no matter what the size of the problem. It is hard to explain, I can just say come and see what this science really is, and how great it is. I invite you to join us and learn. Thanks.



Anna_ElkindAnna Elkind

I was raised in an atheistic society, did not have any beliefs and did not think much about the Creation or why I am here. But some tragic events in my life triggered my search for the meaning of my life. I was reading different books, trying to grasp information that was new to me. I started to learn about Judaism, thinking maybe there was a reason that I was born Jewish. Maybe there was something there that I needed to learn? The books and Judaism definitely helped on my way, but I still had the question about the purpose of my life unanswered. I was getting bits and pieces of information, but could not see a full picture. When I discovered Kabbalah and enrolled into the Educational Center classes, the picture became whole and multidimensional. I found the wisdom and method that I was looking for, the direct method of the soul’s development. The Educational Center built a foundation for my spiritual development and gave me a chance to become a part of one very special society, a society of people building the spiritual ladder together.



Antonia_adabboAntonia Adabbo

I come from a very difficult situation, now for me is “change or die.” I had, before joining the Education Center, notions of what Kabbalah was thought to be, but nothing was really clear, if not a lot of commercialization and degradation of the subject. Now, after completing the Fundamentals Semester, I have clearer ideas and concepts in my mind, and above all I know now what really is important to me and to many people from all walks of life: there indeed is a method to avoid suffering, there is a method to manage and correct impossible situations in life, or at least to change our response to them, and I know that I am going to learn this method from Bnei Baruch as from nobody else. I believe they are the only legitimate teachers of this tradition to the masses, especially after knowing the other side for quite some 9 years, with no improvement whatsoever. I believe my testimony is important because I know I am not the only one with a difficult life situation: we see all around us what is happening in the world, we see that, now more than ever, we need Kabbalah to survive this wave of negativity that is becoming increasingly thicker everyday.The gentleness of the Creator is waiting for us at the end of this course. At the end? No, I think that when I will meet the Creator, at the end of the BB Course, I will never want to stop studying with Bnei Baruch!



Chris_BlakeChris Blake

I had a difficult upbringing. I had a very good father and a very bad mother. This meant that I saw and felt things that 99.9% of other people dismissed out of hand. My father tried to help people all his life but was haunted by one overriding question: Why there is suffering in the world? Later on in my life this question resurfaced and I translated it into: What is the meaning of my life? After much research I found Kabbalah and today it the only method that answers my father’s original question.



Cindy_HatokCindy Hatok

I was brought to Kabbalah through a class, it was a subtle introduction but it interested me because I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life. My only child had died, my boss at work was hassling me, I was becoming more depressed and wound up hospitalized for my depression. I knew that I had to change something, despite all the problems I had experienced I was here for some reason, but what was that reason? This was a question I had asked myself my whole life. I’d studied other religions, but never found a satisfying answer. I was lost. Then I began taking the courses on the Education Center. None of it was the scary stuff I had heard about, no weird number stuff, no red strings or anything like that. There was a real structure and explanation for why I am here. I’ve found a home, a place where others have felt the same feelings as I do, who accept me and have the same goal as I do. It’s been the best thing for me. Everyone around me has noticed the changes in me.


Daniela_MitrovicDaniela Mitrovic

I was coming out of a bout of major depression that had landed me in the hospital. I kept shouting out to the world “Why am I here?!” My therapist told me that altruism was the key to happiness, so I began looking at the local Craigslist board for volunteer opportunities. I saw an ad that said, “Ever wonder why you’re here?” I gasped and clicked on the link. I was taken to a video from Bnei Baruch about the point in the heart, and how Kabbalah is not religion, science, etc. “That was nice…” I said as I closed the window. The next month, I began asking the question, “Why do I feel so disconnected?” I was again searching Craigslist for volunteer opportunities when I saw a link that said, “Ever wonder why you feel so disconnected?” I felt my soul jump out of my body, then right back in. I shakily clicked the link and was taken to a nice video about this little gear who was on the outside of a circle and couldn’t get it together. Finally, the gear got it together, got in the circle, and stopped feeling disconnected. I signed up for Bnei Baruch’s Kabbalah classes, and never looked back. Thanks to Bnei Baruch, I found meaning in my life. That’s how much joy these people have brought into my life. Thanks to what I’ve learned, I was able to overcome depression, find meaning in my life, and was ultimately led to a joyous path.



eric_falboEric Falbo

In internet forums, blogs and websites all over the internet I see people wondering what is unique in Kabbalah in relation to religion, occultism, eastern therapeutical practises and any and every term remotely associated with ‘spirituality’. This question was what drove me to discover the work of Bnei Baruch. For 11 years I had been searching for the answer to that question. I became a member of masonic orders, hermetic schools; I studied with ascetic Christian gnostics as well as regular priests; dedicated years of study of the ancient greek language in order to understand Homer, Plato, the Stoics and the New Testament first hand; I delved into Academic Post-Aristotelian philosophy in meticulous depth; I studied astro and particle physics, biology, linguistics and logic; I even practised Orthodox Judaism – All in search for the answer to the way into spirituality. The answer turned out to be much more simple and surprisingly more beautiful than I ever imagined.Therefore my testimony is that any testimony runs the risk of never doing justice to the actual experience of unity that the study of Kabbalah provides. Kabbalah is the Cadillac of all human capacities! 🙂