There are many studies that prove that a person is fully found under the influence of the environment. Even apes on an isolated island suddenly begin to behave identically as apes on a neighboring island. We are found in a system of natural laws.

Journalists complain that without coordination between them, they give identical titles to articles that come out on the same morning in different newspapers. Thoughts roam the world and are passed from one to another, for all of us are connected to a single system.

The world has become global and interconnected, like a small village. And this is not thanks to the Internet, but because we have developed to such a state that our desires, thoughts, and inner feelings are connected with all people in the world.

This also helps in the development of external connections: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, the Internet, and the English language are in every corner of the world. This unification fulfills all the hard work for our unification. As a result of this, we are beginning to understand and feel each other to a greater degree, and to have more influence over each other.

And here the crisis erupts; the ego doesn’t let us maintain good connections, rather only bad connections. If in general there were no connection, this wouldn’t be so bad since there wouldn’t be any dependence on each other, neither good nor bad. But today, a connection is created between us and this connection is bad, causing a general crisis throughout the world. These connections are already impossible to rend, and it is possible only to correct them into good connections.

Just like with any talent or pre-disposition, there are people who are born with sensitivity and ability to improve connections among themselves and others. These people are capable of leading the world out of the crisis as they can change the general manner of connection. And it is these people Kabbalah speaks to. It shows them a way towards a better future for themselves, their families, friends and the rest of the world as well.

If you are one of them, Kabbalah is waiting to reveal itself in your heart regardless of one’s religion, race, gender, income or nationality.



Image credits: Bowen Chin