Learning isn’t about how much a person remembers, but to what extent he expands his perception.

We don’t know what the world we live in is and what the connection between us should be, but if we expand our perception, we will perceive a wider more attractive world. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah engages in.

When a person expands his “vessels” of perception/space of perception, he absorbs new data and then processes it and attains a new understanding. Unlike animals, we have to explore what we are living for and study the meaning of life.

This is the reason that man was given intelligence, so that he can understand his essence, his role in the world and the purpose of his evolution.

Small children have a natural instinct to learn, to know about new things and to explore so that they will grow and develop. It turns out that the smartest children are not those who memorize information, but who diversify and expand their world. This instinct is extinguished when they grow up, but if an adult has a desire to discover things, to learn, and to develop, he will also be able to study.

The difference between the animate level and the level of the speaking is that the level of the speaking is about endless study, and if I don’t learn something new every day, I don’t feel that I am alive. The understanding is both emotional and mental, the heart understands.

If a person doesn’t learn to correct his soul/reach his true essence during his lifetime, there is nothing left of him after he passes away.

KabTV’s “New Life Series – Learning,” 9/13/16