Sunday, 5 February 2017 4:34 pm

Humanity disassociated itself from natural evolution. Celebrating scientific and technological progress of a human mind, we convinced ourselves that evolution applies only to still, vegetative, and animate parts of nature with humans rising above it by being able to change the way it created us.

But nature is a grownup mother that will take a child playing in a sandbox back home when it gets dark even against his will.

Evolution moves forward, developing still, vegetative, and animate nature and humanity, each at its own pace.
There are laws of nature and an evolutionary process that applies to human societies that we are not in control of. Nature develops us through evolution of our ego. We have been ignoring its reminders, but now the call gets louder and more urgent.

The world realizes that it is in a global crisis and is looking for answers.
Everything is at a standstill and seems to be ending. Our egoism is no longer pushing us to achievements in the material world. It is dissatisfied with life and unable to be filled with what we’ve created for ourselves. It is pushing us to the next degree.

But like Albert Einstein has notices, no problem can be solved form the same level of consciousness that created it. It is useless to look for new things at the old level.

People feel that reality becomes surreal and changes, but it isn’t clear how. They can’t feel it yet because it doesn’t exist in our senses. We need to develop new sensory organs.

We are right before this breakthrough that can be very easily implemented if we connect above differences that surfaced lately. Through our connection we can reach the next level of existence.

What can be done?

Here we need to understand that we can reach the next degree of development only through unity. This is what happens in nature’s evolutionary process – smaller organisms come together to build something bigger.

Once we rise above differences and haltered by setting a common goal and moving towards it together, a person’s internal attainment of his nature will be completely new, allowing him to escape from his body and see the world not through the limited physical sensors but above them. Then he will feel the eternal and perfect world.

In essence, we are looking for fulfillment, we want to feel perfection, elevation and purpose of not living in vain. We want to exit the limits of our material body that will certainly die one day.

Kabbalah has the method that can make us eternal and perfect, can open the entire universe in front of us, and can raise us above the boundary of life and death, above all limitations.

Thus, we don’t lose anything of what we have today, but in addition, we gain perfection and eternity. It is possible, we just need to receive additional internal sensory organs to be able to exit ourselves and feel the reality located outside of us.

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