In our daily lives, we have to connect to people at work, while doing grocery shopping or using public transportation. These are not always the most enjoyable experiences and we feel reaching a point of the world around us becoming more violent and more intimidating every day.

At that point, a person needs to delve more deeply into oneself and to be in less contact with the outside world since a person will not be able to correct it. The best thing one can do is to get away from the world a bit and to focus on internal changes.

Kabbalah teaches that when the internal upper force is gradually revealed in me, the world will begin to shine in a different way. You will see to what extent the people around you are far from you and you will understand that they are managed by that one single force and that they don’t have anything of their own, no freewill, no qualities, etc. but that this is simply how they are played with by the force of nature.

The whole system will be revealed to you and you will see seven billion people running around back and forth like ants. We are all in a network of forces that manages each and every creature on this planet and you shouldn’t relate to people as to someone who has freewill.

Kabbalah gives a methodology that teaches you how to draw the positive force from the network of forces we are in onto yourself, to ascend by this force above the common fate, and to acquire a special new fate. It will be in your power.