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The Urgent Need for Social Reform or What do we Really Really want out of Facebook?

“So yes, Facebook should learn some things. This controversy is a good thing overall and can be used to improve this specific product. Maybe it can also give Facebook pause before it wades into its next area.
But it should also reflect something back to us about how we use the network, what we want out of it and what it can reasonably deliver.”- Washington Post

The deepening and seemingly unsolvable social, political and economic global crises raise an urgent need for changing egocentric and competitive social values towards constructive values that promote positive connections and mutual responsibility.

If we are to successfully change and sustain a new, social mindset, the quickest and most obvious way to achieving such a shift is through the media and the Internet.

Considering the extent to which we are influenced by the media, if the media were to consistently promote the view that giving, sharing, and collaborating are good, then we would think so too—and then gladly follow suit.

TV that is entertaining does not have to be violent, nor does it need to promote self-entitlement. It is quite possible to produce entertaining, high-quality television programs that contain pro-social messages. Investigative journalism could expose corruption on the one hand and on the other hand, show how we all depend on each other and how only together we can succeed.

The media could give us examples of communities and initiatives where such concepts are implemented, for example “Oakland Unite” violence intervention and prevention program focused on community building, life coaching, building self-sufficiency and providing support to individuals at high risk of being involved in violence(

The bottom line is that public discourse needs to change. And, as the public discourse changes, everyone will come to adopt the new views, thus necessitating the media to follow suit—by changing their content to lineup with the new public discourse. However, this change must begin with a conscious effort on the part of all of us and soon, as the current trend of our media is increasingly anti-social.

Social media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube allow anyone to promote any idea they wish and create enough buzz to gather a critical mass for social change. As often seen, it only takes a small, but determined, minority to make a quick, big, and decisive change. So, we see that only a small, determined minority is needed to bring about the positive, pro-social change of mutual responsibility.

Alongside the various media outlets, there is also good, old-fashioned word of mouth discussion and endorsement. Ideas spread best by simply talking about them — whether at home, work, with friends, online forums, or social networks. Simply sharing what you believe is the best approach for a better life will get people thinking.

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What do we really want out of Facebook? — The Washington Post

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