According to “”, “luck” comes from “luc”, short for “gheluc” (in Dutch), meaning “happiness, good fortune”. The notion of “luck” exists in, pretty much, every culture and language; in Latin it is called “fortuna”, in French they call it “la chance”.  So, maybe one’s “luck” has nothing to do with “chance” but everything to do with how one manages to control it?

In Kabbalah luck means using one’s freedom of choice to set up a relationship within an environment that will strengthen and support him/her during challenging times.  An example my teacher uses to explain this is how sailors on a ship’s deck tie themselves with ropes to the boat so the waves won’t wash them into the open waters.  The sailors  know that they won’t have the strength to hold on in rough seas, and so they tie themselves with tether lines.  Sailors understand that they don’t have the strength to overcome the force of stormy waters, so, they prepare themselves in advance, ready to overcome the stormy seas before the storm hits them.

Like any good sailor, a person’s preparation begins with nurturing the right connections within his/her chosen environment; that’s how, even in the stormiest sea of life, one will come out of it safe and “lucky”.